Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Eric Cameron: The King of Day In & Day Out

Eric Cameron is an artist committed to the day in & day out process. My prof, Sarah Quinton, told my class about how he had been adding a coat of gesso to an array of objects every day, day in and day out. A daily studio practice adds up. Either she didn't mention his name, or I didn't write it down. A few months ago I stumbled across one of his pieces at a gallery. Yes, 18 years later I finally learned his name and saw his work. View some of his work here: Eric Cameron, Influx Gallery
Eric Cameron, English Roots: Paintings (1332), 1998 - 2007 Jonathan & Paula Lexier Collection
Acrylic gesso and acrylic on canister of undeveloped film 16,5 x 26,5 x 10 cm (61/2” x 101/2” x 4”)
Photo: Dave Brown Courtesy Tr├ępanierBaer Gallery, Calgary

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