Thursday, 24 February 2011

Essential Tool #2: Sketchbooks

A few weeks ago I wrote about Sandra Brownlee's notebook practice here and here. Above are images of a sketchbook (#13) that I just finished last week and some of the twelve that preceded it. As you can see, the covers are very plain compared to those belonging to Sandra Brownlee. For years I used a hard-bound 8.5" X 11" sketchbook, but in 2006 I switched to a coil-bound 8" square sketchbook. The 8"X8" fits nicely in a large zippered freezer bag and is portable enough that I can travel with it. My favourite pen tucks into the coil and an elastic holds it all together. The coil-binding allows the pages to lie flat, making it easier to work on them. I fill about 3 a year. When I am out and about, I carry a 4"X6" sketchbook with me. What are the essential tools in your creative practice?

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