Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Studio series: Ohne Titel 1

Ohne Titel 1 © Karen Thiessen 2009
Since mid-September I've been living in my studio, putting in joyously long hours during the week and then prying myself away for the weekend. I've been purging excess paper and finishing unresolved collages. As I sorted through my flat file, I found a lot of bad collages. Some I tossed into the recycle bin, some I cut up into 2 inch squares for use in my ongoing Day In Day Out project, and others I attempted to rescue. Out of my efforts, I've resolved over 20 collages out of my flat file pile, with still more needing attention (or recycling). In rescue mode, I realized that I like having something to respond to: it's better than beginning with a blank slate. 

Ohne Titel 1 began as a series of crappy collages on panel. Yes, it was another problem child. With nothing to lose, I painted, collaged and played with string art for the first time since grade 5. It was exhibited in the Painters and Potters Show at the Carnegie Gallery in 2009. 

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