Friday, 4 January 2013

Week 49: Adobe Illustrator

Wavy Diamond Grid © Karen Thiessen, 2013
On my path to teaching myself Adobe Illustrator I've found that one thing leads to another. A few weeks back I discovered how to create specific angle triangles and that approach led me to look at the potential of harvesting "overlaps" to create compound shapes. The base pattern for Wavy Diamond Grid is built on the intersection (shape) of two overlapping circles that I put into repeat. When I look at the above pattern, I am reminded of the lining of an old sleeping bag circa 1970.

This year I intend to continue teaching myself AI and I hope to make it through the entire manual by December. My curiosity takes me off on long tangents that simultaneously slow and speed the learning process. The tangents take me deeper into the program, allowing me to test ideas and features and thus make new discoveries. At the same time, the tangents slow my progress through the book. I've discovered that the key to maintaining the momentum of self-education is to follow my curiosity, even if it slows me down. 

Thank you to you all who have offered encouragement and positive feedback on my Adobe Illustrator learning process and my resulting patterns. I appreciate your support!

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