Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Unit(y): Composition in Red 1

Composition in Red 1 © Karen Thiessen, 2013
My show came down on Sunday and I was honoured and humbled by the positive responses by the viewers. I'm slowly reading the kind messages in the comments book. 

Composition in Red 1 was my breakthrough piece. I have been working with the tag format for three years and was satisfied with what I was making, but was uncertain of how best to present it. I played with presenting them in a massive grid format or in a Mobius strip, but neither solution was satisfactory. Six weeks before the show, the Composition format came to me. It's my new take on the quilt and I'm excited about pushing the concept further. I was able to create four pieces, one I wrote about here. For this first piece, I linked the twenty tags with a grid of twill tape. Since it was my first piece, it was fiddly to make. Now I have a better idea of how to approach this, should I decide to make the twill tape grid again. Composition in Red 1 was well received and has a new home with a very nice person, an artist that I admire.
Composition in Red 1 detail © Karen Thiessen, 2013
This image gives you a closer look at how I've combined textiles, drawing, pattern, and collage.

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Judy Martin said...

I have been enjoying all the images you have shared of your beautiful show.

Warm congratulations, Karen.