Monday, 21 October 2013

Hickory nuts

Hickory nuts & leaves; Photo © Karen Thiessen 2013
Over the Thanksgiving weekend my husband and I headed to the m.o.n. (middle-of-nowhere) for two family gatherings. During one family gathering, a cousin told me about the hickory trees on his property. Being slightly obsessed with natural dyeing with tannin-rich substances (like black walnuts) got me curious about natural dyeing with hickory nut hulls. After the gathering, dad told me that hickory trees grew in the tree line toward the back of the farm. Curious, my husband and I walked to the back of their farm and discovered all manner of trees, including hickory trees. We had only walked it in winter when the plant life was hiding its potential. Hickory nuts are about the size of a Canadian quarter and the hull peels off neatly into four pieces.
Hickory nut hull; Photo © Karen Thiessen 2013
I didn't take any hickory nuts home with me, but next year I plan to gather some and explore their natural dyeing potential. The hickory nut hull is a thing of beauty. I should have stuffed this one in my pocket.
Hickory leaves; Photo © Karen Thiessen 2013
The leaves are pleasing to the eye too.


india flint said...

those hulls will make a splendid dye.

Anonymous said...

Have you done any more dyeing with the hickory nuts? I have done dyeing & over-dyeing with black walnuts. I am picking up hickory nuts at my sister's house and am wondering about the color.

Karen said...

Hi David,
I haven't yet dyed with hickory nuts, only black walnuts. If the squirrels don't get them first, I may gather some when I next visit my family. Please let me know what colour you get with your sister's hickory nuts.