Monday, 24 March 2014

Studio Series: undomestic hanger 2

undomestic: hanger 2; © Karen Thiessen, 2012
Here's another piece from my undomestic series.
undomestic: hanger 2 detail© Karen Thiessen, 2012
The metal "buckle" is from ancient slip shoulder strap.

Yesterday I spent a rare day immersed in studio work. Normally I don't work on Sundays (okay, I DO stitch on Sundays) but I was alone and I moved my perch to the dining room where I pulled clippings from a tower of magazines and then processed them by adding them to my sketchbook and reflecting on them while listening to CBC Radio One Spark, Tapestry, Writers and Company, and then music from my ancient computer. I filled 24 pages which was mentally exhausting– so much visual imagery all at once! In the next few days I know that insights will come crashing in thanks to this day of cramming full my inspiration well. Sometimes you just need to overload the circuits to produce sparks.

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