Friday, 4 April 2014

The Art Guys: Suitcase Wheel, 1995

Suitcase Wheel, 1995 by The Art Guys
When a friend travelled to San Antonio, Texas last year, I asked him to snap a picture of the Suitcase Wheel, a sculpture of 1950s and 1960s Samsonite suitcases by The Art Guys, installed at the San Antonio International Airport.
Suitcase Wheel, 1995 by The Art Guys
The wheel is 16 feet in diameter. I have a few of these suitcases and what bugs me about them is that they are wider at the bottom, which means that they create a slope when stacked. Clearly the wider bottom is an asset in creating this wheel. The vintage tags are a nice detail.
Suitcase Wheel didactic panel, 1995 by The Art Guys
The sculpture is on exhibition until February, 2015, so if you are heading to San Antonio, take a look.