Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Intuitive mark-making: Tracing shadows

PussyWillow shadows © Karen Thiessen, 2014
I've now surpassed 100 days in a row of intuitive mark-making. Some days I am tired and would rather skip the drawing, but I persist. It's on the days that I lack motivation that I make new discoveries. My parents came for a weekend visit and I wanted to visit while fulfilling my intuitive mark-making commitment. I balanced a pussywillow branch on a mug at the dining room table and proceeded to trace its shadow over and over again. I love the lines.


Jennifer said...

Wonderful! I did that on my flight to Pam's last month. Well, didn't trace pussywillows, rather the shape of the sun's reflection thru the window as it changed positions. Enjoy!

wholly jeanne said...

I love those lines, too. They're fun and intriguing. I take photos of shadows. Maybe I'll sketch a bit instead.