Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Susie Brandt

A few years ago I wrote about the lecture and workshop that I took with Susie Brandt during the 2004 International Creators conference at Harbourfront. Last week I found my notes in an old sketchbook. At the time I noted four main attributes of her work:
1. Transformation of materials
2. Uses readily available and cheap materials–– "materials at hand"
3. Invention–– she invents new techniques and new ways of putting things together.
4. Scale––at the time of the workshop she worked in the double-bed sized scale (54 inches by 74 inches), so theoretically her pieces could function as a bed covering, although she acknowledged that they wouldn't likely be used that way.

Today I'd add:
5. Humour/Playfulness–– Brandt work reflects her wacky sense of humour and playfulness.

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