Friday, 1 May 2015

Video: Heather Lawson, stone carver

Stone from Breakwater Studios Ltd. on Vimeo
Source: Canadian Crafts Federation email

"I learned long ago that it is really hard to be normal, or what people perceive as normal. It is hard enough being me without trying to be what people think I should be. So as soon as you step off that tightrope, sooner you just become odd, the sooner the world will accept you as being odd. And there is great freedom with that." - Heather Lawson, stone carver from Bass River, Nova Scotia

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Nikki said...

I've been trying to find a stone just right for my step mom's garden. She is turning 70 tomorrow and I've not yet found a piece for her. I told myself I would pick up anything til it worked, but I think now, after seeing your work and you at work, this may just work.

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