Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Kaj Franck Tako Cards

Kaj Franck Teema brochure from the Design Museum Denmark, 2013
This year I've been reviewing my sketchbooks, my stuff, my work. In the course of sorting through my paper dilemma I'm finding some gems, one of which is this small Kaj Franck brochure from the Design Museum Denmark that I picked up in 2013. I was about to pitch it in the recycle bin when this page about Tako cards caught my attention. I did a search for Tako cards on the web and learned that Tako can mean either octopus or kite in Japanese. Tako, Chiba is also a town in Japan. Nowhere did I learn about the 11 X 15 cm Tako cards themselves. They are probably the blank, slightly larger equivalent of an index or recipe card (7.5 X 12.5 cm). Author Anne Lamott keeps one or two index cards in her back pocket at the ready to record thoughts or flashes of insight when she's out and about. Character Kinsey Millhone (from Sue Grafton's Alphabet mysteries) uses index cards to record information and then shuffles them like a deck of cards or spreads them out on a table to make new connections when solving a mystery. If you have more information about Tako cards, feel free to share via a comment.

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