Friday, 29 January 2016

Studio Series: material explorations

Pop tab sample © Karen Thiessen, 2016
On my long list of things to do in the studio this year is to make time for material explorations. As a textiles student at Sheridan College, I was expected to create all manner of samples: dye, print, stitch, and more. I made the pop tab sample for my Material Explorations class while I was a student. The textile pattern is my thumb print enlarged. I dyed the blue fabric and then screen printed my thumb print pattern with pigments. The stitched pop tabs followed. At the moment I'm in UFO (UnFinished Object) completion mode and I hope that I balance that with at least some material exploration–– I finished three textile projects since my last post!


Claudia said...

Really like the use of various coloured threads to moor the tabs. Did you ever make the pull tab "beaded" curtains in the '70s (when I think of it now, it was probably a bit dangerous, all those soda can pull tabs bent together, still with their sharp edges - what were we thinking?). Also, the thumb print textile is nice; the enlargement of it adds a great depth to the project. Rock on with your UFOs! I believe!

Karen said...

Thanks for the UFO completion encouragement! No, I never did make pull tab curtains. Pop was a rare treat in our house and we never had it in cans, only glass bottles. I just found my thumb print acetates and may reprint the design on paper.