Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Writing and the business of art

I'm finally in the homestretch of writing my various artist statements, bios, and support material and I feel great! My studio work has slowed to accommodate the research, writing, and endless rewriting and this feels okay for now. Unfortunately tax season is upon us here in the great white North (yes, we had a snowstorm on April 3) and more office work calls my name. The studio spirits may not appreciate this.

For most of my career I kept weekly office hours, but over time I've moved away from this routine because the new work demanded all of my attention like a needy child. The work has now developed enough that it's in that independent adolescent phase and it is time for me to review my work routines. Today I just finished reading David Usher's Let the Elephants Run and in one of the final chapters he talks about operational infrastructure. I'm on it, David! By the way, it's a great book–– I even did most of the exercises in a new notebook, a first for me.

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