Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Studio Series: ink spots

Ink spots © Karen Thiessen, 2016
When I last saw Dorothy Caldwell at the opening of her travelling exhibition Silent Ice/Deep Patience at the IdeaExchange in Cambridge, Ontario, I asked her about the washes on her newer quilts. Dorothy told me that she had grown tired of drawing the designs, waiting for her silkscreens to be exposed with her designs, be shipped back to her, and then her finally printing the fabric. Too much time elapsed between the initial mark-making on paper and the final result on fabric. She decided to work more directly by brushing washes of India ink onto the fabric. 

Dorothy's use of a non-traditional colorant inspired me to play with India ink on fabric in my own way. I used Dr. Ph. Martin's Hi-Carb India ink in black. I discovered this brand a few years ago from Keri Smith's blog: it's her favourite ink. It's mine now too.

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