Tuesday, 4 January 2011


This is a image that I created in Photoshop a few years ago.
Have you set your 2011 goals yet? One of my goals is to learn Adobe Illustrator. It's been on my goal list for a few years, but this year is different. In previous years, I set 10 to 20 goals and I reached many but not all. Since reading Leo Babauta's The Power of Less, I have changed my approach to goal setting. Now I choose to tackle just three projects and then break them into itty bitty tasks. Babauta advocates working on them until all three are done and then moving on to the next three projects on the list. Since adopting this approach, I have had much greater success. This week I'll spend more time fleshing out my goals and then deciding which are my top three to tackle. What are your top three projects for 2011?

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