Thursday, 20 January 2011

This Doesn't Have to Be Good

Here's another sign that hangs in my studio. According to author Jim Collins, "Good is the enemy of Great." There are times when trying to do great or even good work gets in the way of taking risks and testing new ideas. Sometimes you need to be willing to make "crap." This is where the Day In & Day Out (DIDO) comes into play. A DIDO is an opportunity to play, test materials, techniques, ideas and not make something perfect. I've been doing DIDO projects off-and-on for 18 years and they continue to surprise me. Since 2008, I've been doing a DIDO to a 2" square piece of watercolour paper. That's 1115 of those suckers, to date. I'll share some of these DIDOs with you soon.

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