Wednesday, 2 March 2011


A few months ago I was almost hit by a flower delivery van. The driver was talking on his cell phone while he was turning a corner and came within an inch of hitting me. I'm a careful pedestrian but given how much I walk, I've had a few too many close calls. Drivers just don't pay close enough attention. So, now I wear a safety vest when I'm walking, just to be certain that I am as visible as possible. The reflective safety vest is ugly but very effective. It is also a conversation starter. I've been asked if I am a: 

  1. parade marshall
  2. police officer
  3. construction worker
  4. film crew member
  5. crossing guard
  6. hiking trail minder
  7. by-law officer
  8. cyclist
  9. beat cop
  10. porch builder
  11. SPCA officer
  12. Body guard for Stephen Page
Now if only the safety vests were more attractive! Stay safe dear readers.

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