Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Postcards: Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore's postcard for his MFA Thesis Exhibition for love or money at NSCAD's Anna Leonowens Gallery in April 1999 has been pinned to my studio wall for years. I shared a studio with a cluster of MFA Textiles students and Christopher was a regular visitor. In Fall 1998 he taught a course called Conceptual Illustration and if I could invent a time-machine and step back to August 1998, I would sign up for the course. Somehow I thought that as a Textiles/Craft History student I couldn't take the class, but I was soooo wrong. At the end of the course the students had an exhibition of their work and the results were delicious. I imagine the class was a Martin Venezky meets Keri Smith with a hint of John Cage kind of affair. The other day I was pleased to learn that Christopher currently holds the position of Assistant Professor in Design and Computation Arts at Concordia University. He has a few websites under construction and this one features his impressive C.V. The Concordia program sounds pretty darn impressive. Yay Christopher!

FYI: The quatrefoil shape on the left consists of rings of human hair that Christopher made from donated NSCAD students' hair. He installed rings of hair around the upper walls of the gallery. It was stunning and memorable.

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