Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Postcards: Lula

Close your eyes and remember the sight and smell of a box of crayons with the pointy ends lined up like soldiers. Do you remember colouring with all your favourite bright colours, colouring over the entire drawing with black, and then scratching out a pattern? Grade four was my first time doing this. I remember taking delight in drawing with all the bright colours and then feeling confused when the teacher told us to colour over our drawings with black. Blackening the drawing felt so destructive and pointless. When we finally scratched out patterns with the points of our compasses I understood the purpose of the black. Recently I tried this colouring exercise again and it brought me back to old times. Crayons still smell good!

Toronto's Lula Lounge on Dundas Street West always has well designed postcards. Beautiful postcards help make one slice of the world a better place. Now dig out some crayons and start drawing like you were back in grade four.

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