Thursday, 12 May 2011

Swedish weaving

Swedish weaving is a form of embroidery on monk's cloth. It is also known as 
huck weaving, huckaback darning, or huck embroidery. Until my mom learned the craft last year, I had never heard of it. Mom is addicted: in the course of one year she has made numerous samples, table runners, placemats, and afghans. Above are two of the four baby afghans that she made for her church's parent child dedication that was held on Mother's Day. 

Mom stitches like she cooks. She is not one to slavishly follow a recipe: recipes are merely guidelines to adapt according to what is on hand. Mom takes elements here and there from her Swedish weaving pattern books and creates her own combinations. Out of past necessity, mom is a master of improvisation and her meals and her patterns are both excellent.

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