Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Postcards: Lizz Aston

Last year I picked up Lizz Aston's postcard at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. The other day while checking out the Love Lace exhibition line up at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia I noticed that  Noelle Hamlyn and Lizz Aston are both representing Canada. I've been looking at this postcard for a year and only when I checked out Aston's website did I learn that the burn-out multiples are paper muffin cups!! They are from a series called collaboration and I'm delighted with Aston's transformation of an ubiquitous, ephemeral material into a work of art. Lizz Aston is another artist to watch.

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Judy Martin said...

It's great that you are giving press to Noelle, Lizz and Amanda's amazing lace like work.

I didn't get to the TOAE but I'm glad that you did and took the time to show us what was there.