Thursday, 14 July 2011

TOAE 2011: Noelle Hamlyn

I've been following Noelle Hamlyn's career for a few years, so I was pleased to get to know her a bit when we took the Sandra Brownlee workshop in June and then see her again at the TOAE. Noelle is smart. She understands the importance of multiple streams of income in an art career and sells two lines of work: her one-of-a-kind artwork and her pocket book purse production work. The above images are of her artwork in her booth at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. The artwork is made with gampi, a thin strong Japanese paper that she embroiders, burns, spins, and weaves. It's exquisite, subtle work that invites the viewer to look closely. 

This month, Noelle will be off to Sydney, Australia for the opening of Love Lace, an international group exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum. 

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