Thursday, 22 September 2011

Change your hair, change your life

Our Canadian Spring was non-existent due to a longer Winter, followed by a few months of rain. As much as I have learned to love Winter, I was craving the logical next season, a Spring of warming temperatures, sunny skies, tulips, daffodils, and birds building nests interspersed with the occasional rainy day. Now, you are wondering what this has to do with hair. Everything! I was tempted to shave my head again, but my hair stylist Michelle is wonderful and brilliant and the salon is my community. Michelle totally understood my frustration with the weather and agreed that although "you can't change the weather, you can always change your hair." That was May. Fast forward to August, where the salon owner renovated the space and changed the windows, mirrors, chairs, and all the fittings. It looks great. I sat in the chair as Michelle did her magic and... I started to feel nauseous. No, I'm not pregnant, but the new mirrors are at a 70 degree angle from the wall and the visual distortion made me the equivalent of motion sickness. Who knew? I can read in all manner of moving vehicles with no issues, but sitting in front of an oddly angled mirror did me in. Earlier that day another client had the same experience. 

In early September I was scheduled to have my hair cut, but the thought of extreme queasiness changed my mind. So, my hubby helped me shave my head, and to my surprise it looks great. We used a few guards, so the look isn't harsh and my head doesn't feel cold. Tilt a mirror, change my life.

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