Friday, 23 September 2011

First day of Fall 2011

I'm a farm girl happily transplanted in the city. I love the city and all its amenities and have no desire to move back to the sticks, but when fall rolls around, a trip to an apple orchard is a must. Check out the hand-painted sign in the apple tree. Hubs and I visited Myers Apple Farm on Sunday in search of Cox Orange apples. Myers specialize in heritage apples and on a 2009 trip to London, UK I discovered Cox apples. They were the perfect flavour and size. Back in Ontario, I searched for them but learned that most apple farmers now only grow the (boring) best-selling apples. After a year of sleuthing, I found an apple-grower within a 40 minute drive from where I live. Cox apples aren't ready yet, so I see another trip to Myers in my near future.
This goat was very difficult to photograph. He was very friendly and curious and this was the best picture that wasn't blurry.
The best part of visiting a working farm is what you can't see. Note the arrow on the left of the horsey picture. No, the horse manure wasn't anything special to see, but the aroma reminded me of the country. I also walked by a machine shed and a tractor a few times just for their smells.
The hand-lettered signs were a treat. I like how all generations are involved in running this farm. The rabbit with the huge wobbly chin is Bella.

I wish you all a happy fall equinox 2011 (first day of fall)!

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