Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Studio Series: Before & During Collages II

December 2008 Original collage
November 2011 Amended collage in progress
The tricky thing about working on old collages is that the layers build up to the point that the pieces become lumpy. To take the bottom collage any further, I'll need to scan it, print it on good paper, and then add more layers. Sure, I could play with it in Photoshop but I like the physicality of sorting through my papers, cutting them up, using my UHU gluestick to adhere the next paper fragment to the collage, and then covering it with a piece of waxed paper and rolling over it with my acrylic brayer. If you look closely at the bottom image, you can still see some traces of the original collage. The top collage is from December 2008 and the last time I touched the bottom collage was in November 2011.

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