Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Postcards: Susan Oaks

Sometimes my postcard posts are about the actual postcard, sometimes they are a story related to the postcard. This is one of the former. In 2009, my friend Esther picked up this Susan Oaks postcard from San Antonio for me. I met Esther at my first collage class in 2005. She is perceptive, self-effacing, generous, and thoughtful. Esther tries lots of different techniques and has an eye for collage. Unknowingly, she inspires the people around her. It is possible that the tag series was inspired by Esther's experiments. My beginnings with learning the principles of collage were more than ten years after I had the initial desire. School, moving house, and a busy career all contributed to me pushing off my desires to learn the technique. Watching Esther monoprint with found objects and document her father's workshop with photo-collage à la David Hockney awakened a desire in me to make more time to play and learn new things in my studio practice. Five years of once-a-week collage classes did wonders for me. I learned as much from my teachers as I did from my fellow students. Thanks Esther (and Jody, Marla, Mina, Kathy, Wayne, and Jane)!

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