Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Studio Series: Tag panels

Here's proof that Adobe Illustrator has not taken over my studio practice. These are panels on which I stitch the tags and when I am done, I cut them apart and add grommets to the tags.

A curator made a studio visit recently. I've been working on the tags with a blind faith that they are relevant in the art world. The good news is that the curator says they are: they are rich with meaning and detail. The curator generously emailed his thoughts but he's not sure about the grid format. I'm not either, so I've been thinking of other ways to present them. Basically the tags are inspired by the portability of Jennifer Angus' insect installations and Peter Dykhuis' Radar paintings. Shipping my quilts is expensive, awkward, and time consuming. Stored in a large closet, I have a cache of sonotubes for shipping. Any time you ship an irregular shaped package you pay more. Peter can ship a large (modular) painting in a cereal box!!!! So, I solved the shipping problem but created an installation dilemma. The intervals or negative spaces between the tags may be too regular, and thus less interesting, when hung in a grid. I need to think about this and hopefully I'll find a solution without creating more problems. Below are two tag installations that I've featured before on this blog.
Wall of tags
Tags organized into a family

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