Thursday, 1 March 2012

Morning Light

I woke up to these patterns of sunlight projected onto my curtain ... and then wondered how I could replicate them in Adobe Illustrator. Learning a new skill heightens my awareness of things around me. It's possible that learning German may be my next self-education project since I find myself wondering what curtain would be in German. Light is das Licht and curtain is die Gardine or der Vorhang. I looked curtain up just for you (and me).


inaina said...

(der) Vorhang is another word for curtain (in german).
I'm wondering what the difference might be.
ina (german)

inaina said...

oh and i love your curtains playing with the light

Karen said...

Thanks inaina, der Vorhang sounds more familiar than die Gardine! I need a better dictionary. =)