Thursday, 15 March 2012

Salvation Mountain #1: Niland, California

Are you ready for a huge jolt of awesomeness? Salvation Mountain was so incredibly strange and beautiful that I'll share my images over three days. That's three days of awesomeness for you!
Salvation Mountain was a long drive from Yuma, but well worth the trip. Leonard Knight is the brains and brawn behind Salvation Mountain, a three story structure made of adobe, donated paint, vehicle windows (see picture #4), and a love for God. My parents met Leonard several times over the years and had much to tell me about him and his Mountain. Leonard, born in 1931, was recently moved into a nursing home due to failing health. I couldn't imagine leaving behind such a labour of love. Dad told me that Leonard made each flower (bottom picture) by slapping down a large gob of adobe and then thrusting his fist into the centre. Once dry, he painted each one. Without Leonard's daily attention to his Mountain, I fear that it will disintegrate and become a safety hazard. In 2001, the Folk Art Society of America designated Salvation Mountain as a National Folk Art Site Worthy of Protection and Preservation. Let's hope that it is protected and preserved so that future generations can enjoy this work of art.

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