Monday, 12 March 2012

Accidental Spring Cleaning

How to jump start the Spring cleaning process: Accidently knock-off the bottom of an almost full bottle of Italian Orange Frizzante and flood your kitchen floor. Be grateful that the bottom of the Udo's Oil bottle didn't break instead. Spend two hours thoroughly washing your floor, pulling out your fridge and stove in the process. Realize that the fridge vents and grills are due for a good vacuuming and do so. The next morning you notice other opportunities to clean and spend almost an entire sunny day indoors washing kitchen shelves plus their contents, cleaning windows, and dusting furniture. Then go outside and trim back your grasses, clematis, and butterfly bushes, rake branches and leaves, sweep the sidewalk. Forget to eat proper meals. Turn on 80s music and scrub more surfaces. As you clean, see more that could be done.

If only Spring cleaning were always this fun.

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Claudia said...

Wait til you try to move your studio. I've gotten rid of quite a bit and there's nothing quite as clean as a new space...until you fill it with your old stuff. Spring cleaning just reminds me of how little "spare" time I currently have. Oh well. Spring will continue on, and I'll find a way to catch up.