Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Jody Alexander at Yuma Art Center

Jody Alexander Sedimental No. 4, 2010; Singer sewing machine cover, discarded  miniature books, fabric $800
Jody Alexander Sedimental No. 4, 2010 detail
Jody Alexander Sedimental No. 4, 2010 detail
Jody Alexander Seven Exposed Spines, 2010 detail
Jody Alexander Seven Exposed Spines, 2010; Discarded books, fabric, thread, $350 
Yuma is a cross between a small agricultural town and a sprawling suburb, so I didn't expect Old Town to be charming or that it would have a modern art gallery and beautifully restored theatre. Jody Alexander's altered books, part of the Yuma Symposium 33 group show in the Yuma Art Center, grabbed my eye. 

Jody's work has an element of mystery that draws me in. What books are embedded in fabric and thread? What meaning is hidden from us? I like not knowing everything. The fabric enveloping the books in both pieces reminds me of cotton quilt batting that has been stained with coffee or tea. The layers and materials of Sedimental No. 4 and Seven Exposed Spines are evocative of both past and present. This duality is probably what hooked me the first time that I saw the work. 

According to the didactic panel in the gallery: "Jody Alexander holds an M.S. in Library Science from Simmons College in Boston. She is an artist, book-binder, papermaker, librarian and teacher who lives and works in Santa Cruz, California. She makes paper and binds books in a number of historical and modern binding styles. She combines these books with found objects to create artists' books, sculptural works and installations. Her pieces celebrate collecting, storytelling, and odd characters. She also enjoys rescuing old books in distress and giving them new life as scrolls, wall books and other objects." Check out her website to learn more. 

Note: Kelly from Yuma Fine Arts Association granted me permission to photograph the work and share it with you.

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Velma said...

i love jody's work, and her sense of story. just found your blog (or re-found it) and am thoroughly enjoying myself! thank you!