Thursday, 26 April 2012

Peter Dykhuis: Radar paintings

Peter Dykhuis, Mar 06 21:55Z, encaustic, enamel paint on panel, 48" X 48"
Peter Dykhuis and I were both represented by the now defunct YHZ Gallery in Halifax. At the time, Peter was the director of NSCAD's Anna Leonowens Art Gallery and I had just graduated from NSCAD. At one of the YHZ openings, I learned more about Peter's paintings. First off, Peter is Dutch and way back, so am I. In my experience, Dutch people are frugal and inventive – a good combination for artists. Living in Halifax, the edge of mainland Canada, I found myself shipping my quilts in sonotubes to far-flung destinations and was aware of the expense. Peter created award-winning Radar paintings and when he told me that he could ship a large work in a cereal box, and a show in a Rubbermaid tote, I was all ears. Peter painted his modular work on foamcore, which is very light. Light, modular work that can fit into a cereal box when dismantled is much cheaper to ship than a sonotube.

Peter's ability to make large work that could be dismantled stuck with me. Inspired by the possibilities, this led me to make my own modular work. I'm still working out the details of presenting my tags, but I love a challenge and if I stick with it, I am confident that my Eureka! moment will come.

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