Thursday, 26 July 2012

Colleen O'Reilly: Garden spirits

Colleen O'Reilly's installation of ceramic Garden Spirits totems grace the Burlington Art Centre's newly redesigned courtyard. The courtyard, designed by the Landscape architecture and design practice Sefarian Design Group, is only a year old, so it will take time for the plants to fill in and the concrete to weather to a warmer patina so that the space doesn't look so stark. Colleen's colourful sculptures enliven the space. In a previous life, she made the usual bowls and plates and other homewares in her signature spunky style. Mila Mulroney, spouse of former PM Brian Mulroney, purchased a set when her hubby was running the country. About seven years ago Colleen started making garden totems. What's cool is that the ceramic units stack over a metal spine and the units can be rearranged according to whim. Garden spirits, curated by Jonathan Smith, is on from June 9 to September 23, 2012 at the Burlington Art Centre.

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