Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Studio Series: Radio Grille quilt

Radio Grille quilt ©Karen Thiessen 2012
Do you see the green squares with the somewhat oval-curlicue motifs? Those are screen-prints taken from the speaker grille from an old radio cabinet. The radio was long gone when I received the cabinet, but thankfully the grille was in perfect shape. The Radio Grille quilt is from the Tangents series that I wrote about previously. It features fabrics that I dyed and printed from my years at Sheridan and then Harbourfront, plus some commercial fabrics, both new and from clothing (I see my husband's swim shorts and work shirts in the quilt). Jacqueline Harris machine quilted the whole thing using the loop-de-loop pattern that I designed. Radio Grille is 82.5” W X 93” H or 210 cm X 236 cm.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like an aerial view of agricultural land complete with elaborate "crop circles"