Thursday, 23 August 2012

Chester & Lunenburg Day Trip

Chester Basin, NS  
Two years ago hubby and I discovered an ideal picnic spot in Chester. This trip we returned for round two. Whether sunny or foggy, the view is still breathtaking.
Tall ship, Lunenburg, NS
I had ulterior motives to go to Lunenburg: to take more rubbings of the door sill plates of the Lunenburg Opera House (stars in a repeat pattern) but sadly they were all removed during renovations and replaced with boring cement. Thankfully I did find a diamond sill plate elsewhere that offered up consolation rubbings. 
Lunenburg NS folk art
Nova Scotians understand colour, as you can see with the yellow guy and the bottom homes. After four years living in Halifax, I was sad to return to Ontario's conservative (unimaginative) house colours. 
Lunenburg NS house colours
Don't you love the putty, chartreuse and teal combo?

Lunenburg NS house colours
Goldenrod, pumpkin orange and purple can stand up to any fog that rolls in. What Ontarians may lack in house colour confidence, we make up with outrageous gardens.

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