Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Patterns in nature

Mangosteen star
Our Singaporean friends introduced my hubby and me to mangosteens and their cooling nature. According to Denny and Esther, foods are either heaty (yang) or cooling (yin). Durian is so very heaty that it should never be consumed with alcohol, which is also heaty, but instead be paired with mangosteens which will balance it out. Since hubby thinks that durian is disgusting, we haven't had it since we lived in Singapore. I like it, but couldn't eat an entire one all by myself. We both love mangosteens, so when they are available in Canada, we buy a few. Since reading India Flint's Eco Colour, I've collected mangosteen shells for future natural dye experiments. I'm curious to see what colour they will yield, how to process the shells, and how light-fast the dye is. If you already know the answer to this, feel free to leave a comment.

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