Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Studio Series: Pieced hexagons

Hexagons installed at Supercrawl 2012 © Karen Thiessen 2012
Supercrawl came and went and it was super fun. In a previous post I showed you my contribution to the Beehive Collective's Modular Beauty installation. Here it is installed. I love that the Bees installed it on an orange wall. In a future post I'll share images from Supercrawl.
 White 3/4 inch hexagons right side © Karen Thiessen 2012
My obsession with English paper piecing continues and I may have found a way to incorporate it into my studio practice (a.k.a. my real work). Above is the boring side of a module I made with 3/4 inch hexagons. The blue module in the top photo is pieced with 1.5 inch hexagons and was much easier to hand-sew. 
 White 3/4 inch hexagons reverse side © Karen Thiessen 2012
By chance I caught a glimpse of the white hexagon module through light and immediately I was smitten with the shadows. The reverse side of the module with the raw edges and basting threads is very interesting and it has given me ideas of how to play with it.
 White 3/4 inch hexagons detail © Karen Thiessen 2012

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Anonymous said...

Very cool seeing structure under the textile.