Friday, 21 September 2012

Week 34: Adobe Illustrator

Dotty Zigzag Balustrade © Karen Thiessen 2012
I finally surpassed the one hundred hour mark in my Adobe Illustrator practice! It's clear that I'm not pursuing this in my usual Type-A manner and this is good. Practice feels more like play than work and I usually quit while I'm still curious and having fun. This gives me a motivation to continue the next day. I do the same with my yoga practice: I stop before I've done everything that I want to do. The result is that I've practiced yoga more than 575 days in a row. Yoga is another day in & day out activity.

That I finally figured out how to make a dotted line shows that I haven't been reading my manual closely enough and this is okay. Just when I thought I was running out of interesting things to do, I discovered a new technique. You'll see more dotty patterns in the near future. Zigzag Balustrade was dull until I converted the stroke to a dotted line and Dotty Zigzag Balustrade saved the pattern from deletion. I'll return to old patterns to see how they look with dots instead of strokes and fills. Stay tuned for more fun.

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