Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Swedish Weaving: To-Ni-Lih Navajo pattern

To-Ni-Lih Swedish weaving pattern
My mom finished this afghan early this year. She was working on it during our Arizona visit in February and she made it specifically for herself. To-Ni-Lih is a Navajo style Swedish weaving pattern by Linda Allen.
To-Ni-Lih Swedish weaving pattern detail
It's interesting how our experiences shape us. While I was growing up, my parents' decor was "early Sally Ann" thanks to a combination of tight finances and their quirky creativity. Mom's term "early Sally Ann" was derived from Salvation Army, and stood for second-hand furniture and furnishings. I grew up with cast-off antiques that mom and I would refinish.  We collected vintage furnishings long before they became the hot trend that they are today. 
To-Ni-Lih Swedish weaving pattern detail
In the years since my brother and I moved out to establish our own households, mom and dad's collective decorating style has evolved to be "early Sally Ann meets Native American and Mexican." The evolution reflects their travels and new influences. It's an interesting mix and naturally they make it work with their usual élan. 

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Anonymous said...

Lovely work. I'm glad your mother enjoyed my pattern. Linda Allen