Thursday, 22 November 2012

Unlimited wonder

Big dead bug; Photo credit Karen Thiessen, 2012
One of the jobs of an artist is to pay attention. Any mundane activity can be enlivened simply by looking deeply. Have you ever washed dishes and noticed the shapes, sizes and colours of bubbles? Chores take longer when you pay close attention, but they are more fun.
Big dead beetle; Photo credit Karen Thiessen, 2012
This summer I took my camera on a walk around the house and found two large dearly departed insects. Beautiful.
Moth (alive); Photo credit Karen Thiessen, 2012
Notice the velvety texture of the moth and the scalloped edges of the wings. Every day we have an opportunity to look closely, deeply, slowly at the unlimited wonder that surrounds each of us. Go ahead, take a look. What do you see?

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