Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Artful industry

Argiope aurantia; Photo © Karen Thiessen, 2013
While I tended my indigo vats in July and August, this writing spider, or Argiope aurantia, kept me company. Day by day I was curious to see how she would change her web. Her artful industry enchanted both my husband and me and we have many pictures to prove it.

Like my beautiful spider friend, this week I have been engaged in hardcore artful industry. I finished hand quilting the children's community quilt on Monday and then yesterday I trimmed it, made binding, and then machine and hand sewed the binding on. It was a very long studio day. Now all is left is to make and attach the hanging device and the label, and cut a hanging stick, then photograph it. If I can maintain my momentum, it's possible that I could finish it this week. This project has been two years in the works and is a labour of love. Now that I've put away the quilt frame, the studio looks more spacious than ever. Once I'm finished, I anticipate that I'll have that empty, lost feeling after I've savoured a few moments of post-goal-attainment bliss.

I'm also continuing to tend my natural dye pots in the unheated garage while the weather cooperates. Today I finally dumped my walnut dye vat. It had done enough. Now I'm down to one onion skin vat. At one point I had four vats on the go. It's been a big week of accomplishment and it's only Wednesday.

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