Monday, 27 January 2014

Great design: Centro bag

Centro Garden bag detail; Photo © Karen Thiessen, 2014
My friend Jen manages Centro Garden in Burlington, Ontario. It's a gorgeous space that reminds me more of Brooklyn than Southern Ontario. Recently they had these bags printed, and the design is so pleasing that I'll likely hang it on my studio wall. Whenever I buy or receive something from Centro, I'm always blown away with the small details – an understated bow here, or a few chunks of molten glass nestled in moss at the base of a plant to add subtle sparkle. Small details really do make a difference.


Margaret Cooter said...

It's wonderful when nice things come in nice bags!

diana said...

I had just admired your envelope lining from Copenhagen, then your fabric fragment from your Oma's quilt, and now this perfect brown bag. Lovely stuff!