Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Studio Series: 8 Stripe collage pattern

8 Stripe Triangles © Karen Thiessen 2014
Normally I like to spend the month of January in my studio feeding my sketchbook, making samples, and playing with new work. This hasn't happened for two years and I miss it. Last year I was working toward my solo Unit(y) show and this year I have a whack of office work to tackle. Basically my image files on the computer were an unorganized mess and many of my files were quadruple what they needed to be. In just three days I dumped 8 GB of unnecessary files, and there's still more to be done. In the process of cleaning out my files, I discovered work that I either hadn't quite finished or hadn't shared. I just finished 8 Stripe Triangles after starting the pattern five years ago. It's based on my 8 Stripe 1 collage It's inspired me to play with triangles again.

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