Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Woven chair seat repair

Woven chair seat repair; Photo © Karen Thiessen, 2014
Hubby and I are both Mennonite, frugalish, and creative. We are also both patient, but in different ways. I can spend months (and sometimes years) stitching a textile; hubby untangles knots and fixes things. When a seat rung on our teak chair broke, hubby glued it. The mend did not take, so I came up with plan B: weave the rung into submission. I am a textile artist, my husband is not. Guess who spent several hours weaving the repair... twice? Not me. My hubby is a keeper.


Claudia said...

Great colour choice. I have a chair project waiting patiently in our shed; not sure who will be more patient. Me, or the chair?

Karen said...

Claudia, Good luck with that! Maybe you could pretend that it's an outfit for your chair?? Or, better yet, you could rope your lady friend into doing it?