Friday, 26 February 2016

Studio Series: Mennonite series tags

Mennonite series tags; Photo © Karen Thiessen, 2016
Off and on, I've been playing with words and symbols of my Dutch German (Russian) Mennonite material culture for more than twenty years. Until I discovered the tag format I hadn't been able to pull it together. Above is a random assortment of the strongest tags pinned to my studio wall. I'll present them differently in a gallery setting with proper spacing, probably in a long line and I'll install them with specimen pins.
Mennonite series tags detail; Photo © Karen Thiessen, 2016
I have over fifty completed Mennonite material culture tags, but only thirty work well together. The collection now has a voice and an aesthetic has emerged.
Mennonite series detail; Photo © Karen Thiessen, 2016
As of this week I have thirty textile tags set up for stitching. The collection is growing. It's about time.

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Judy Martin said...


These are great.


your work is about time.