Thursday, 27 October 2011

Cover Girl

1 in 6: Hunger © Karen Thiessen 2010; Photo credit Annemarie Rogalsky, special to Canadian Mennonite
Looky, looky: my work made it on the cover of the Canadian Mennonite! I wrote about 1 in 6: Hunger here. Gee, I've never been a cover girl before. I like how the photographer shot the work at an angle. An excerpt from the text: "Thiessen's piece had viewers wondering, 'What do tires and barcodes have to do with justice and food?'" This is good, the work was meant to make people think how North American consumption affects food availability and security for those living on the margins here and around the world.


Anonymous said...

wow. massive congrats.

Judy Martin said...

Agreed. Congratulations Karen.

Leslie Robinson said...

Wonderful! You must be so proud. How do I get an autographed copy? :-)