Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Postcards: Ella Doran

In 2009, I was in London, UK and my visit coincided with Design Week. At the top of my long list of places to visit was Ella Doran's shop on Cheshire Street. One day I popped by during business hours, but the shop clerk wouldn't let me in because she was prepping the shop for a show. She asked me to return another day. So I did. The second time, another person didn't want to let me in because they were prepping the shop for an opening. I politely explained that I had come all the way from Canada to visit the shop and that this was my second visit. The clerk took pity on me and let me in. I scooped a set of coasters and this postcard. 

Did your mother or home ec teacher show you how to set a proper table? The knife facing away from the plate creates an unexpected tension for me, but I love the postcard regardless.

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