Thursday, 6 October 2011

Fall is here

Fall is here and I finally feel like a person again. Summer heat makes me feel like a zombie. 

My photos for this blog haven't all been great-- I've been on a learning curve with the blog and with digital photography and lighting. The above photos were taken with the big camera (BC) which until recently I have found intimidating. In my art training, I took more than a handful of photography courses, but they were all with a regular SLR and I took most of them before I married. You may ask, what does marriage have to do with this? Plenty. My guy came into our relationship with two Canon cameras and lots of lenses. I came with an Olympus OM2S and only one lens... so I sold my OM2S. Eventually I left my guy to take the pictures while I made the art. I took on the dusting, he took on the vacuuming (although he would gladly give that up). Our arrangement works well, but I've begun to miss shooting with an SLR. So, I have some BC manual reading in my near future.

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