Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Studio Series: Slides collograph

 Slides collograph on Shoji paper © Karen Thiessen, 2015
My grandparents were avid photographers. Grandpa documented family gatherings and travels with their Airstream trailer. Grandma documented flowers... thousands of them. They died six months apart, in 2007, and once my uncle scanned Grandpa and Grandma's slides, they came to me. Over a few Christmases I had slide show marathons, viewing several thousand slides. I then set out to edit and organize the collection, only keeping the best. I tossed over 2000 slides (yes, I really did count the discards), many of them flower photos, over and under exposed images, duplicates, etc. The slides are from the 1950s to the 1990s and the oldest slides have beautiful cardboard mounts with nicely rounded corners. I kept these. One day I'll collage with them. I took a handful and glued them to an illustration board mount and created this collograph. It is beautiful in its simplicity. As a bonus, I only had success making this print. Could it have been grandparent karma?

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india flint said...

Contemporary image collections will, I imagine, die along with the passcode to whatever device they are stored on with the demise of the owner
It seems to me that though we are bombarded by imagery every day, so few family photos make it to print (at least in my household) that we are almost back at the "old days".... When a family might have one carefully staged photo propped on the mantlepiece